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Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping trick @ Parkson

In this post I did mentioned about benefit of shopping at Parkson..
and now ada trick pulak..hihih 
nak share lama dah tapi asyik tangguh-tanguh jer..

me and en.suami memang suka shopping kat Parkson Gurney..
semua ada and selesa...
so last month kan i sibuk-sibuk cari baju kuning air untuk my BFF wedding, so pi kat Parkson..
masa bayar tu, I pakai my Elite Card untuk kumpul point..
tapi i tak ingat pulak point dalam Elite card tu dalam bentuk money..
meaning you can buy anything dalam Parkson with your Elite card..
Elite Card ni act macam debit card..
swipe ja!!
so i beli baju tu free lah sebenarnya..
ada setengah kad tu dia akan kumpul point dan rebate ngan item yang ditetapkan kan?
yang ni tak, ikut suka lah nak beli apa...hihi

next, I baca dari miasuraya.com pasal nak beli cadar..
ni i copy paste sikit..

Of all the colorful alternatives I was offered to look at, I only liked this particular light pink set at Parkson but without any discount, it was too expensive (never buy bedsheets at retail price, I was advised).

Casually, I asked the sales associate when it would ever be on sale. Dude went inside his store room, took out a calendar and told me when to come back! "Lagi murah and banyak Bonuslink points minggu yang ni", he said, as he circled the date. I left my number in the reservation log and they kept the sheets for me. A few weeks passed by and when the time came, someone from the store called to tell me that the sheets were then on sale and that I should get them during the weekend. Talk about great customer service!

tau tak boleh buat cenggini?
I baru tau..
so i shaaaaaaaaaaaare!!!

happy shopping dengan bijak ok?:)
ni FB parkson..hahaha

p/s: don't forget to shop at my blog too...:p


cha said...

wah kira mcm debit kad la tp klau ada point tak pyh bayar? best best huhu

Qyla Aqilah said...

ha, macam tu lah..kira boleh lah nak beli macam2...ikut suka..hihihi