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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's hair time!!

I got my hair time...

I've been itching for salon time for a week!!
I just dunno why..
and I think, I blame the hormone for everybody sake..haha

I really want to cut my hair, but en.Tunang didn't allow me to..
he said let him see first how my hair look like..
5 months from now then I can cut my hair!!
its killing me...
I believe u guys also experienced this 'time'..
when u really want to do something with your hair!

so, instead of paying bills and such on masuk gaji day...
I splurge my money on some hair and scalp treatment and I love every moment of it...
the massage I tell u...I feel so relax and my head now feel light..
hahah my hair smell salon of course...:p
but I love it I love it I love it!!

p/s: for those muslim whose covered, you can request for a private room...if you're lucky, its free..if not, extra charge...

nota kaki: 28 and 29 Mei banyak sangat kenduri kan?


norinaomar said...

serius,bersantai2 di salun rambut adalah terapi.Saya tak sabar nak coti..pssst Q, I nak rebonding hahahaha!!

Q said...

Noi~cina kedai tu pon duk duk suruh Q rebonding!!!dia ckp orang pki tudung senang rebonding..apakah~~~hahah

norinaomar said...

maybe dia maksudkan...maksudkan apa ye?sukar dipahami jugak..eh Q kalau nak share entri saya yang tak hebat sgt tu silakanlah..hehe