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Thursday, March 24, 2011

W-day prep: the excited daddy!

The title should be the nervous daddy...hihi
he started on his checklist this week..!!!
let see what he's done so far..

First, his guest list...he reallly worried that he will missed anyone..so far, 6 pages of guests are listed..
Second..6 months to go and he want the invitation card to be ready by May!!!
posting and such..crazy...!!
Dad, by August ok or September maybe...?
Third, Nikah different hall, kenduri different hall...erm, flower is a must...maybe some fresh flower will do for nikah dais...
me?smiling all the way.. :)
fourth, bunga telur, goodies bag etc..he hates details like I do!!!

next, he asked me about the photographer, mekap and inai..
actually, I quite scared to tell him that I already booked the Inai for RM150...
and he said, "ur aunty paid more than that.."...lega...hahaha
and he want the ukur-ukir inai one..hahah

Today, we sort of have daughter-father talk peacefully..
he want to know how i want my wedding day to be..
especially the akad nikah part..
and he listened to all my dream...
and I can't thanked enough for that..
and...mommy just observed far away and advise a bit here and there..
I Love this feeling...

I am a very happy daughter now!!

yeah, we had time together fishing last week..family time...:)
saja selit kat sini..hihi

nota kaki: cik su syg, i still owed u an entry!!!


Dhya said...

syok nya...apak n anak nie....
~~~~my mood : saya mau apak sy thing macam apak kamu!!!!

lovelyadibah said...

Alolo..cute nyer!! Beruntung kan dpt daddy mcm Q!!:)

Cik Puan Syafa said...

waaah sangat beruntung anak abah ni.hehe!excited anak kesayangan nak kawen mesti laa kan ^__^

LisaLisut said...

u r lucky Q still ada abah. abah i passed away when i was 15.sobsob

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

your father so excited. jarang tau org laki ber'excited nak amik tau apa yg kita plan n nak for our wedding. diorg tau kuarkan duit and bising2 sbb tak berjimat. hehehe...

~ NANA ~ said...

i pulak my mom yg terlebih exited...hehe

veesakura said...

usually mom yang terlebih excited.. co sute la your dad. ngeee