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Friday, January 21, 2011

Of 5 years anniversary before the real anniversary..

Ticker showed 1 weeks and 4 days left before the 5th anniversary..
the last one while both of us still bujang..
thn depan insyaallah dah married...:)

like seriously, I have nothing in my mind..
except praying hard that our pre-wed shooting will be done on the exact date of the anniversary..
2 in 1..
not being cheap and whatnot, just one to have a very special day doing very special thing..

other than that I have no idea!!!
I have to crack my mind for another surprise just in case..
but I am open to suggestion...

nota kaki: both me and en,tunang are not well..he is suspect to have denggi..and me also have fever and cold...please pray for us...and the date confirmed!!:)

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