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Monday, November 1, 2010

Inner addict

Near ur wedding day, u'll be inner addict??
FriendS of mine, plural there, were so addict buying undies and bras like 6 months before her wedding..
the matching one..u know, same design of bra and undies, 1 set kind of thing..like this..with all different colours and fabric and style..of course u girls know kan??:p

she bought like ten pairs in 5 months and never wear any of them..
she said it is after wedding bras..
whatever is all I replied..


when she bought another 10 pairs at once I was like 
and all she replied is,
'u'll get addict soon my friend, when ur wedding day just around the corner'

did that happened to all of B2B??
this is seriously mental challenge and also budget challenge.. 

homaigod..this topic is embarrassing!!
but i think this thing is really need to share..
korang, betui ka situasi ini??

nota kaki: I addict baju tidur sekarang..bukan yang seksi, sedang-sedang ajer..target La senza tak dapat-dapat lagi..huhu


ctzurai said...

quite true but not really true..plus girls surely love cute thingy like dis..huhuhu..but when we become b2b,the addiction is increasing..and i guess u know y..am i rite dear?

LisaLisut said...

Hi Cik Q,same la i pun. mengidam nak pakai la senza,tapi tau la kan,harganya...mak aih..comfy items come with high price.hehe.
tp kalau dpt beli sepasang pn syok jugak kan ;p

Q said...

Ct zurai: kalau baju tdoq I know lah..hahaha kalau bras and undies im still trying to difest the significant..:p

LisaLisut:hai...itu lah pasal..i lama dah teringin..but not the bars and undies lah tapi baju tdoqnyer..mak aih..lembut nyer lah kain...hihii sepasang cukup buat masa ni..dah kawen i beli tiap2 bulan..haha tapi sepasang sakng RM150..huhuhu

ElyaElmo said...

cik Q, so far elya tak addicted lagi...
just teringin nak beli baju2 tido yg sexy mexy tu buat koleksi..!!!

missbutterfly said...

ya its quite true. hehee..go to la senza only when got discount la..plus if u have the membership card, u'll get extra discount..

thezaila said...

betul la kot.. cz at this moment.. i'm addicted to buy the sexaaayy lingeries.. *blush blush*

Q said...

Elya~~i pon sama..tapi nak kata sexy mexy tu taklah, tapi nak baju tdor la senza!!1hihii

missbutterfly~ader membership ker la senza??tak tau pon...huhuhu takper2, bulan december!!!hihi