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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Haircut: before & after wedding

Considered most of us wearing tudung, I hardly find any b2b write about haircut for their wedding..
If u know anyone wrote about that, please share the link..hehe
The idea came to me a few days ago when I suddenly remembered my about my best friend wedding..

A week before her solemnization, she insisted to straighten her hair worried her husband will be shocked seeing her curly hair..hahahah 
but, believe me, when u're wearing tudung and he never see u without one, you'll be the prettiest woman he ever seen once you uncovered...no offense for those not wearing tudung, but this is the fact...:)
even when your hair look like this!!

of course the straighten part didn't las any longer because her husband just don't care..
I am torn between lucky her or pity her..
lucky because her husband accept her just the way she is..
pity because her husband didn't acknowledge the effort she put to make herself beautiful for her husband..
what say u??

back to the haircut story, most of us just focus on mani padi and spa for body before wedding ..
what about hair??
I believe we want to appear as the prettiest woman on our husband eyes, so why don't we invest a bit for hair??
for those who had short hair, I believe you don't want your husband to mistake you as a guy/boy on wedding night, so u'll plan to make it longer a bit right??I wrote based on experience with my friends..hahah 

I am thinking of to have a new haircut and a bit style for my w-day..
No intention to show to others but solely for my husband..
maybe I can ask his permission after married to dye my hair with colors since I never had one..hihihi
Just for him..
what do u think??

nota kaki: Saper-saper ader tau shampoo yang paling mujarab untuk kelumumur??Ada setahun ni nak rawat kulit kepala...huhuh


missbutterfly said...

spa, mani/padi is a must! rambut pun penting gak. maybe go for spa perm?sabsabby wrote an entry for hair.just check out her blog. im contemplating for spa perm or rebond..sbb dh buat rebonding last 2years.

Q said...

missbutterfly..thanks a lot..i really tak tau pape pasal hair nie tau...hihihi

shayra hint said...

for dandruff shampoo,"selsun blue" is the one, if serious one, boleh try yg medicated. tu shampoo terpower la yg aku tau. btw, aku pun bercita2 nak color rambut jugak. haha, :P

anaztasias einz said...

hiii dear.i'm back !

btw, saya dah xguna ek link nora aira tu. ada masa nanti exchange with my new link yea


tengs dear. stay cool pretty n healthy

missbutterfly said...

yup..selsun is the best la..for me..try yg selsun botol kaler coklat muda tu..that one takleh pakai kerap tau..kena pakai like once a week..time pakai tu kena perap about 15 min gitu kot..

Q said...

I'll go for selsun blue tapi nak cari kat mana??tak pernah dengar and range harga berapa??hihi lagipon shampoo dah nak habes nie...