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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Right on time part 2

Update skit pasal semalam...

2.43 pagi going to hospital..he can't take it the pain anymore..I almost cried..
Doc ader emergency case..ader orang nak bersalin..so, daddy dirawat oleh nurse dulu..kena masuk air because he's vomiting banyak sangat..but failed sbb dier keraskan tangan..jarum cannot go through..huhuhu

then doc datang, and the worse is, he won't listen to doc..
doc plak kena dengar ckp dier..he supposed to be admitted but he refused to...stubborn nyer..huhuhu
then my brother and I request injection untuk my dad since dier dah tak leh nak minum or mkn ubat sebab semua akan muntah balik...
3 times nurse inject baru berjaya..

he insisted going back home after 2 hours..
note: lepas bagi ubat nurse and doc akan pantau reaction ubat dulu sebelum bagi balik..
before going back I requested for another pain killer tapi my dad tak mau..huhuh

arini makan ubat mcm biasa but still muntah lagi..
susah nak buang air besar and the pain is still there..
takder kurang pon..same like yesterday..
mommy and I really want to bring him to specialist tapi dier degil..
he said mkn jer ubat akan baik..

I seriously mati kutu nak buat apa dah..
please doakan my dad cepat sembuh..or at least agreed to see the specialist..T_T

nota kaki: I called my brother untuk balik and bawak my dad g hospital..another right decision i made without telling my mum..and now my sister is on the way back from Melaka..if his condition is still worse, en.tunang akan datang untuk angkut my dad g spital..tak leh ikut sgt degil dier,,kan?? 


mysarah said...

tak boleh tak boleh tak boleh. u've to bring him the soonest possible. jgn sampai melarat. lagipown u still didnt know what the problem is right?

Sya Sakura said...

hmm sedihnye.. takpelah, awk sabar je ek and most importantly keep on praying for his health.. insyaAllah, semoga ur dad will be ok soon :)

Q said...

Thanks to mysarah and sya..now he is getting better Alhamdulillah..;)