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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hantaran and colors

Ok..finally I start to decorate my hantaran..
skit2 jer dulu..
I really want simple and unique hantaran..
but seriously I am really really confused with the colors and all that tiny details stuffs..

soalan: warna hantaran kena sama dengan warna baju kah??

my friend of mine got engaged last month kot kalau tak silap...
She choose blue as a theme color and turn out to be so blue!!!
like, baju biru..hantaran nyer design biru jugak mmg sebijik kaler dengan baju seriously biru
cadar kat bilik biru langsir biru..
That is her case lah..

But my case, I think I have to many colors now..huhuhu
I don't want to look chaos and hectic on my E-day!!!


MY said...


Thank you so much for your comment.. I dont mind at all.. Point taken. Thank you for sharing. Tp I pun x nah tanya my friend about husband dier cium tu kena cmna.. Nvm..

About colours colours nie.. I would say, I agreed with you. Kalau semua nnt sama kaler, maybe akan nampak tenggelam as you said. I'm not the expert, just my point of view. Tapi kalau banyak sgt kaler pun, maybe jadi caca merba kaler pulak. Perhaps you can try mix and match with shades yang seangkatan dengan your theme colour. Ataupun, yang kaler nampak ok dengan your theme colour. My basic idea of colours for my big day would be 3/4. Tue yg basic lah. Tapi nnt x tau lah jadi cmner.

Btw.. linked ya back. Excited jugak!! Pleasure meeting you here.

Q said...

agreed..now i reaally try my best to limit the colour...tp tak main shade2 tu...hahaha mix and match..

tp skrg colour of my dress and hntrn totally different..tu yang pening..nak tmbh bunga lagi..i really hope the flower will connect all the colors together...thanks for the tips!!!:)

didieadila said...

u can try to mix ur theme colour dgn white or cream..xla nmpk sgt kot?hehe..

Q said...

didieadila, i tgh pikir camtu jugak..putih okey lah kot..tp cream mcm a no-no from me..hihihi i pon tatau naper..point taken!!!!masuk buku dah..hihihi thanks!!

ElyaElmo said...

hi dear..salam perkenalan...
for me..klo nk sama pun ok jee...for example...u nye tema kaler biru...u can mix ur hantaran with yellow blue kee...mcm tu la..
takde laa exactly biruuu jee semua... boleh campur2...:)

Q said...

Hi Elya the Elmo,
first time i bc komen u tentang yellow blue terus i google kaler aper tu??hihihi do u mean cmpur yellow and blue??hihiih
tu lah, i preferred striking color mix together..sbb kaler2 striking ni in thing jugak lah..plus mix and match jer..hihihi yellow and blow quite rare combination but i believe it will turned out very nice!!:)