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Sunday, May 16, 2010

E-dress #2

Finally finally finally its done!!!
yeay yeay yeay

I am nervous like i said in my previous entry..
but I am relieved now..
Alhamdulillah, just nice as i want it to be and the tailor is really really good..

I already recommended her to my friend...
no picture will be put until my E-day..


I can't believe I had a bit of pink for my E-day coz I don't really like pink!!!
sneak peak from google..


si kecil said...

hi!! linked you..
happy jumpa another northern b2b.
which part exactly?

Q said...

Penang area..kat kepala batas..hihihi tu lah, mostly jumpa link dari KL jer..hihih

missbutterfly said...

hi..linked u too..i pun sama la..susah nk cari b2b from east coast.hehe..btw..me hate pink too.but nmpak cantek plk pakai pink.

Q said...

hi..takpelah, mana2 pon still satu malaysia..:)

about the pink tu, pergi mana2 butik pon diorang sure punyer rekomen pink sebab diorang ckp pink tu sweet untuk tunang...mula2 tak percaya tapi terpakasa percaya bila kenyataan di depan mata..hihih (-_-")