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Friday, October 12, 2012

Not so toddler/babies friendly home

masa ni Irsa menyusu lagi..so no worries..hihihih

So,my house is small but big enough for two peoples living together. Still had some place to play hide and seek. For small house,bright or white wall/furniture will help your house look spacious even it is not so spacious lah. Theory,checked. Application, checked. Most of furniture/wall in my house are white or cream in color.

see...tak ke cuak macam ni..

Lately i just realized all this white and cream color is so not toddler/babies friendly. Sigh. Too late huh. I feel very very bad when friends coming over with toddlers/babies and my eyes are spying everything they do. Hahah well,sofa is new and cream in color and not leather!! What do you expect lah kan??? Seriously i feel bad and hope their parents understand. Sigh.

Note to newly-wed-whom-plan-to-have-baby-early-and-not-buying-sofa-yet, please go for leather with dark color. No regret I tell you. And one more, I think it is really necessary to have any permainan/games for babies/toddlers at your home. So, there will be no awkward moment between you and the babies/toddlers.
Even for me, I don't dare to eat at the sofa. Hahah
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LisaLisut said...

wall u grey. grey is good for baby's brain.itu husband i ckp la.dia yg google rasanya.

sofa i color cream apa.haha relax je ade baby.beli blanket ke apa tah nama dia yg lapik ats tu bentang ats sofa.coz i mmg suka makan ats sofa smbil tgk tv.so to avoid kotor i beli benda tu kt ikea.haha

eddany said...

L shape sofa u memang kena ngn wall u...i loike
follow u dear...

cha said...

that is why i beli sofa leather putih ikea sebab ikea sgt flexible boleh tuka tuka sarung. and i beli sarung merah. kalau anak sedara i dtg i buh cover merah tu haha

tp memang betul semua putih ni buat kita jadi pandang je bebudak tu kan haha :p

sorry lama tak dtg sini super busyyyy

Qyla Aqilah said...

Lisa~yer ker mcm tu grey mebantu untuk brain baby??ihihi tgh cari ler cover tu Lisa..setakat ni tak berkenan lagi..huhuhuhu

Eddany~tu men beli jer..hahahaha done to u too!!

Cha~hahahah tau takper...i ngn husband asyik tgk jer tau..feel very bad!!best ler rumah dkt ikea!!!:(