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Friday, August 10, 2012

Guys in kitchen- sexxxxeeeyyyyyyyyyyyhh!!

I cooked, we (en.suami and me) served..

I entertained..

He cleaned up!
and they cleaned up in the kitchen tooo..

and keep cleaning!!

Seriosly, I didn't expect all these guys to clean up after iftar. 
But one of them said, tak ingat siapa..
"jomlah kita kemas, penat dah perempuan-perempuan semua masak and hidang"

Happpppppy me!!
memang clear dapur!!

nanti boleh ler buat makan-makan lagi :)

1 comment:

cha said...

Haha bagusnya. Suami i pun selalu offer diri nak basuh pinggan tp i tak kasik sbb i tak puas hati klau org lain basuh. Takut tak bersih. Boleh? :p