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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

wrong hashtag

If u're twitter or instagram freak like me then u know what is hashtag kan?? Ni ha menda ni #...hihih

Im new in instagram....so tak ramai follower pon..and for me it is not about follower pun....i just courious how people follow


each other through pictures..even pictures said a thousand word bur still lah kn..gedit2?nk tau ler jugak...hihihu

So tadi i terasa a bit offended when a minah salleh wearing a bikini yg 2 pieces tu and then dia letak #muslim...bukan satu gmbr dia buat mcm tu..tapi bnyk..and i tanya dia why dier letak hashtag tu??

Still waiting for the reply....

Korang rasa camner?? I over react ker?? Hahaha

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1 comment:

cha said...

eee serius ke? bengong ke apa mcm nk burukkan nama islam je