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Monday, July 2, 2012

Double Facebook

Sama jugak macam talam dua muka..

I just tak paham why kena buat 2 facebook..

one thing i can tell is you'll feel different when you have 2 facebook..
why and how i know?
because i have 2 facebook!!!

one is my personal FB which I only had closed friend and relatives..
second one is for my business...random people...

I can tell the different when I logged in into my personal account, I feel me..
and when i logged in into another account, i feel like someone else..but still Alhamdulillah I still know where's my limit..but some people just don't!



norinaomar said...

setakat ni FB cuma satu, email ada 2,ex buaya pren ada 1, kereta ada 1..hehehe

cha said...

i ada 2 sbb ada stalker. so 1 utk yg btul2 rapat je :)