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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dugaan #1

this is the first dugaan ever..
and the time period is long..
longer than before..
it is so hard to fight once in a month before engage,
but now 2 weeks i am 'makan hati' dengan dia..
im not sure it is good thing or bad thing..
he made me feel secure but at the same time i fell like struggling to let myself free a bit..

and believe me,
all the reasons are nonsense and yeah, I can say stupid!
and the unbelivable part is,
he is the one who made the fire started instead of me..
good or bad, lets see how it goes..

Dear darling,
I just miss US..

nota kaki: walaupon tengah berdugaan, still rasa tak sabar nak kawin bila tengok bloggers yang ada link di sini menghupdate blog pasal persiapan nak kawin....best therapy!!!!thanks gurls!!!errr...ker woman??hihihi


Queen4ADay said...

bwk besabar byk2...dugaan setiap org mmg laen2 mase tempoh betunang ni (sambil mengenang naseb diri juge T_T)

Q said...

sama2 lah kita bersabar...but its getting better now...Alhamdulillah..:)

A W E E N N Y E said...

i giv u the award..buka my page.. =)

missbutterfly said...

dear..byk bersabar ok..semua mengalaminya..it depends on how u tackle it..:)