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Monday, June 14, 2010

My E-day: The Hantarans..

Ehem..lets start step by step okeh..hihi

My hantarans for me is beyond my expectation..thanks to my girls for helping me with the hantaran a night before..
tdoq kul 4 pagi mereka semua!!!
by the way, the word 'beyond expectation' is my dad's word..he love them (the hantaran) so much..
by the way, I kinda lost count how many hantaran I had..haha

lets go for details: 
I insisted on using daisy (red in colour) and carnation (red)..
but then i think my hantaran will look toooo red!!
I kinda have a phobia on one colour thingy..
so I mixed with pink and yellow carnation instead(same with my dress)..
no leaves were used..but I add some green flowers which I dunno their names..sorry flowers!!

now, lets the pictures do the talk :)
 From my side
1. Secret recipe cake..amik 2 hours before ceremony..express my friend decoratekan..hihih
sponsored by my untie and abang..diorang berebut..hihi

2. Kuih. sponsored by my sedara Kak Ila.

3. Chocolate. Sponsored by my Mak Kecik.

4. Jam and Sampin. Sampin sponsored by my Mak Kecik again and the jam was present from my dad. Pagi2 sebelum majlis baru dier letak.kelam kabut jugak sebab dah jadi extra plak..so combined kan sekali..hihi 

5. Cake. but I really dunno who sponsored this one. huhu kena track balik nie..

6. Al-quran. Present from my dad jugak. 

7. Famous Amous coklat. sponsored by my untie Nora.

8. Jeruk and Buah Pala. since Penang is famous with this food, I made them as hantarans..hihi signature food..sort of..:p

9. Cupcakes. sponsored by my mak usu.

10. fruit tart. from my mak usu jugak.

11. Ring for him. I decorate this one by myself and my sister did help me.. I love it so much!! giler tak malu puji diri sendiri..hihihi

last but not least sirih junjung. my mum said sirih is not the part of hantaran..tak kisah lah...yang penting adat tu tak tinggal..hihi

and from Him:
details: he choose orange and white as a theme color. and he choose orchid I am so jealous   mix with orange
 and white rose. 


1. Telekung

2.Susu Pekat. Ni hantaran wajib untuk pinang anak dara penang.hihi sebagai pemanis.
 3. Kek lapis yang ditempah khas. My FPIL bawak dari sarawak ni..ader nama lagi..hihi thanks lah sygku yang insisted nak jugak kek nie..mmg lain dari yang lain and rami terpegun,..:D

4. Buah-buahan.

5. Al-Quran dan Rehal.

6. Kek kukus yang kat bawah tu khas my FMIL buat kan..and chocolates.

7. Gula. Ni wajib jugak sebagai pemanis. My fiancee eceh kreatif cila he mixed kan gula pasir and cube tu..hhihih sudu tu abaikan..:p ni dah takder gmbr yg decoration..huhuuh budak2 kecik sibuk nak korek smarties dlm tu..huhuhu

8. Where he put the rings. I love it!!!;)

9. the tepak sirih..:) I love the big flower. again, I dunno the name..T_T

thats all for now..maybe mini pelamin after this..penat haih mengupload gambar.
overall, i really love all the hantarans!!

tips: for all the b2b, from my experience I think try to mix and match. Don't stick with one color. one more thing, any flower will compliment each other. so, make some difference!! Choose color with vibrant!!!
good luck!!

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