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Saturday, June 19, 2010


its not compliment neither bad thing
but want to share something..

people do say (always) that when you want to get married ur face will be glowing...
In my case, im not getting married any soon,..
sooner is next year..
may be a year after the engagement..
thats the deal...
i need to finish study first, remember?

so, when lot of people saying that im glowing before and after my e-day,
that really scared me though..
am i getting married soon than i expected 
or its that my oily face that people said 'glowing'??


Queen4ADay said...

hahha...if it was me..it's d oil;p lol!

Q said...

i think my face is oily too..hahah

missbutterfly said...

maybe because of the lighting? (i guess..) :p

Q said...

hahahhaha..can be considered too!!!

A W E E N N Y E said...

hye...btw congrates for ur E-day... awn dah link u...so bila plan nk tawin?
blaja bg habis dlu ke? bagus2

Q said...

hye aween, thanks!!!plannyer bila habes belajar..hihih syrata FMIL...ikut kan ajer..tp kalau murah rezeki and jodoh awal, awal lah..hihih