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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my 5 months

Can u spot me??
hard right?this is my colleagues for the past 5 months..
they motivated me, they asked me to motivated them..
thats how we work :)

flash back
my first sharing session..I qualified my first trip on the first 5 days i joined Great Eastern Takaful..
they said it was a record..Alhamdulillah, rezeki..blurred picture..quite nervous and move a lot..hahah 

Tarikh tutup contest is 17/12, i contracted 12/12. Not the trip yang i kejar sangat, but lumrah maknusia yang mahukan insentif untuk terus berjaya :)

my second sharing..masa ni crowd lain..and i already received a few awards :)

ni dari company for the first 3 months punya. Alhamdulillah, top agent bahagian utara dan tempat kedua untuk personal producer. This award dedicated to my supportive customer. Terkejut sangat tiba-tiba dapat. And i want to maintain this award!!hahaha 

and for this award, i can proudly said that I dapat no 1 and beat all the chinese agents!!in a healthy way ok..

and my latest sharing session

yup, mommy is super supportive!!

and my ehem2..hahaha

Awards so far:
1. Ole-ole jakarta qualifier
2. Top Agent northern region Q1
3. Hatyai qualifier
4. 1st runner up personal producer Q1
5. 1st Bangkok qualifier in Penang
6. Super M6 ( for Super group Member)
7. Superbeez award 

 I really hope for the next 5 months I can achieve more, and the next 5 years and more and more..
thank you for ur support!!

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