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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The hidden saving

Sound so mysterious yet adventerous.. heh

I met two of my friends today. And we talked about women, generally. Surprisingly, 3 of us having the same problem. Well, woman problem in sense of saving and protection.

We agreed that women must have the hidden saving from spouse. Hahaha now it sound so funny but refering to our experienced, it is very the very important.

Friend no 1, her father control her using money. Well, her parent divorced. Mother don't have any income or saving what more personal protection. So, her father said to court ' I have money so children must stay with me'. And now, if she doesnt listen to her father, he will stop giving money and she cannot find part time job! Just meet her mother once a week.

Friend no 2, parent divorced too. She working very hard to earn income and her stepfather just asked the money from her. She decided to get married and her fiance now start to control her money. But this girl is smart, she said if u want to marry me, my money is my money! Previous exboyfriend controlled her money before, so she have no saving and just keep spending money she earned to enjoy. And now keep regretting because she listened to her 'boyfriend'. She take one policy with me just for protection and saving secretly.

Well, woman, when you'll start to have ur own hidden saving??hihi bukan ajar menderhaka pada suami, simpan lah sendiri selagi mampu dengan kudrat yang ada. Untuk masa depan jugak, doa supaya jodoh berkekalan sampai syurga, jodoh panjang dan biarlah berpisah nyawa. Dalam masa yang sama simpan untuk masa depan yang tak pasti. Dari segi kesihatan, harta, pendidikan anak-anak dan perubatan. Mana tahu, simpanan kita yang tak seberapa ni membantu kita suatu hari nanti.

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