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Saturday, March 10, 2012

siapa yang nak kahwin nie?

kita ker parents kita?

well, don't simply give license to our parent to do EVERYTHING for YOUR wedding..
sebagai anak and sebagai bakal pengantin kita pun kena lah bertanggungjawab atas weding kita..
terutama bab preparation..
because insyaallah it'll be once in a life time moment..kan?

my darling friend will be getting married soon..
and surprisingly, her parent buat and decide everything  without telling her at all..
fair tak macam tu?

I mean, girls memang ada out own dream nak kahwin macam mana kan?
the theme, the color since ages ago..
but well of course everything change according to trend and timeline..
as a parents, kadang-kadang terpikir tak apa yang kita buat tu actually ruin our children dream?
I am talking about girls here..lelaki selalu tak ambik pusing kan..

as a girls, no matter how busy you are, work and other obligation, please try to care some of your wedding stuffs preparation..
or else,
you'll regret later..
because it is not you wedding and your dream, but you'll be realizing someone else dream..

If that happened to you what you'll do?

p/s: i moved my business to new blog..macam tak best plak campur-campur kat sini..kalau ada yang berminat untuk membeli saree material, punjabi suit or salwar kameez untuk wedding and special ocassion, please fell free to visit here..tak beli pun takper, mai lah tengok-tengok kedai kecil saya..
sokongan anda amat saya hargai..:)

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