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Sunday, March 25, 2012

De Lovely and Lazy weekend..:)

happy me sebab start jer weekend tak payah masak..hahah
dating nite with en.suami makan kat Nandos!
then mid nite move the hunger game!!citer ni best giler sile ler p tengok yer!

excited nak try menu baru Nandos..pedas giler!!!
and yeah, not so happy inai completely gone!!T_T
dinner that nite!burger something and rice something..hahaha
the favourite mestilah fries tu!!;p

but over all, sedap lah and we managed to finish them all!
tapi kenyang giler!

but apa-apa pun, masakan suami paling best!!
nasi ayam and ayam berempah tu memnag paling sedap lah dalam dunia!!

and dinner tonight makan KFC jer..
senang kan?
I love weeeeekend!!!

Announcement: tomorrow i'll upload a new line of EXCLUSIVE SAREE DESIGN.
6 meter and fully beaded. You can go survey the price of 2 meters of fully beaded material at any kedai kain and compared with our price..:) thanks lovely!!

1 comment:

cha said...

sedih kan inai dah nak hilang huhu

i paling suka nandos dr kenny heee

untungla u suami pandai masak jeles :p