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Thursday, February 3, 2011

W-day prep: start counting!

the ticker is up!

which one make you feel time flies so fast?
counting in months, weeks and days 
or days only?

I chose days..
whats yours?:)

elegant and gedik kan?

but its function for yahoo widget..
I dunno what it is suppose to mean..
I am not the computer freak..

nota kaki: masik mencari layout yang sesuai..penat tukar-tukar background..tengok blogger lain semua cantik-cantik belaka layout


si kecil said...

wah wah! makin cantek blog dia. hehehe..keep it up!

Q said...

thanks!!!tp still tak puas hati lagi nie..huhuh

ElyaElmo said...

ticker tu cantikkk!!! :D